Sunday, June 27, 2010

Where are all the lonely people?

I've been thinking a LOT about our little church lately.  I've been worried. I realize it is summer, and folks are away on vacation and have this and that to do. But we have also had some folks move from our little church community, as they have gotten jobs away from our town. And we anticipate another move by a family who will be retiring and moving to be close to family. We've had this happen before, knowing that our culture and society is so highly mobile today. People don't just stay in the same place any more. And businesses and companies don't lend themselves to loyalty to their employees and vice versa.

But I'm missing more than that --- the others who are not there. The ones with children, the ones who don't know there might be a place for them in our little community. I'm missing those who have hurts we can't see  and those we can see. I want someone to come sit beside me in church.

Our little church doesn't have the big programs with a multi staffed group of folks to take on the responsibility to organize events and coordinate programs. Our little church doesn't have someone we pay to work on the church grounds to make it look beautiful. Our custodial staff are the members of the congregation who rotate and devote a bit of their time to keep the place looking tidy. Our little church works a little differently, in a good way, not necessarily better, but still in a different way.

We aren't as invisible in our little church. My little church knows my flaws, yet still loves me. It knows when I am not there. It has seen me through thick and thin, it has raised my children by my side. And my children are for the better, as they know they have been loved and nurtured in ways that only a church family can provide.

I am missing people like me.... and those NOT like me. Those who are lonely, those who are seekers, those who have a longing to know God and to have Jesus in their heart, their mind, and their soul. I'm looking for you, are you there?

I am one of those lonely people, waiting for you.
Will you join me to break bread and drink from the silver cup?


  1. Your church sounds like mine -- small congregation that tries to do much. We read the 2 Kings passage where Elijah passes his mantle to Elisha, this past Sunday. I'm wondering where our Elishas are, the ones who will be able to continue the work when we are gone, or are too feeble to carry on. And how do we make the lonely and the hurting feel welcome and invited . . . .???

  2. Deb, we read the same passage from Kings. How do we make them feel welcome and invited? Love them. I think we have to leave our comfort zone, which isn't easy.