Friday, January 21, 2011

Reading Challenge

On my sidebar, I have set my reading challenge for 2011 - from - again, I am shooting for 50 and one year, I am going to accomplish that challenge - go here to set your goal. It doesn't have to be 50, it can be any amount you choose. Will you join me?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

And it was a Winter Wonderland

We returned Friday from our stay in the mountains, and one of the fringe benefits we had is that we actually had snow and lots of it - for us that is. Approximately 8-10 inches where we were and it remained on the ground until the day we left.  When we arrived, it took some ingenuity getting up the steep hill with shoveling and providing some traction under the tires. We finally made it up the hill but had no idea where the drive way was and as we walked we knew not where there were any "mines" underneath the beautiful snow.

Getting Mom into place was a challenge. They did have a ramp for wheelchair/walker, but it was in the back of the house. So more shoveling had to occur. Thank goodness we brought the wheelchair or we would have never gotten her in there. Ice and snow covered the ramp and it was hit and miss and a lot of prayer to get her into the house.

Thankfully we had bought the groceries before going to the house as we were housebound pretty much the entire time. Once the snow started easing off, there was slush and ice. And we were on top of a mountain. And we were inexperienced. And we just stayed put.

With plenty of wood for the fireplace and plenty of food, it was an iconic stay in the mountains, save the fact that we were a little concerned about the toilet paper holding out, in which it did, thankfully.

Mom had a couple of difficult nights, with being disoriented, so there were a couple of nights where sleep was sketchy at best. Sparing details of "it was a dark and stormy night", we made it through and as the sun arose, things seemed to improve.

With that being said, recovery for me has been somewhat bumpy. Physically, I am doing well - blood sugar mostly in the normal range, blood pressure good, I feel good to go. There are other parts that challenge me -- the emotional part of having a heart attack has set in some as one who knows I will always be at risk for another one. And the exercise part is no longer a should, but a must, if I want to live up to my end of the bargain.

And taking care of me and taking care of Mom is a big job as her dependence on me increases. Emotionally and physically it can be tough to experience. And that responsibility continues......every day. There are days I feel as I never had a chance to fully heal without still having the responsibility of caring for another person on a daily basis.

I don't want to give the impression of this being a whine session - it is not. I feel it is an honor to care for my Mom - a privilege, and with it comes sacrifices.

This Tuesday begins the second semester of the school year. It is my prayer I can see clearly through each day knowing  that each day will present its own unique challenges, both at home and work.

I would be remiss in not mentioning the love and support I receive from my husband, who is my rock. In addition there are many friends who I can call, email, or chat my frustrations away or just to use as a sounding board. Some of you who read this are the very ones of whom I write.

I hope to post pictures of our trip of some of the highlights of a true winter wonderland for these southern folks. I can no longer say I have never experienced snow. Rats, I forgot to make a snow angel. Will someone remember and do that for me sometime this winter just for me?