Sunday, September 26, 2010

Take, eat

She just came to church last Sunday. Sitting at the end of the pew (our pews hold about 4 grown people), she kicked her feet up and down and had that look on her face that looked like she just might have been weaned from a sour pickle. Her aura of grumpiness encircled those around her as she made everyone know she was not happy. It was a baptism Sunday so opportunities to get up and move around to see the baptism allowed for some musical chairs to occur, and by the time the baptism had taken place she ended up in the front pew.

It's not always easy being an eight year old in a church where there are few children. But she returned this week and I saw her outside. Got a bit of a hug from her and asked if we could sit together. She requested we sit in the front pew. Ok (even though I knew it was a place where another usually sat.). So sat we did- and she saw a little boy with one of the bags we have for young children. She eased over to the pew across the aisle to "check out the loot". It was obvious she was content to sit there with a little bit of entertainment of another child. So move across the aisle I went to make sure we kept things to a low roar. It's the teacher in me.

Not to worry, she was a true trooper keeping up with how to find the pages in the hymnal and the Book of Common Prayer soaking in the busyness of finding pages and  reading and singing along at the appropriate times.  Sermon time came and she became enchanted with the color of the stained glass shining in and leaving red shadows on her skin. Fascinated by the light as it showed off its glorious colors as the position of the sun shines softer as the bright summer light fades.

As it was time for communion, we walked to the altar and there was just enough room for the three of us - we were at the end of the rail. All of us received the bread, and as the chalice arrived, the little boy had the bread in his hand, not knowing quite what to do with it. He whispers, "I haven't been baptized." I said, "it's ok for you to have it". The little girl had the wafer and I am not sure what happened after that, but I saw the bread in her hand. I heard the person asked "has she been baptized?" and I said I don't know.

At that point, it didn't matter. They took, they ate, and they were fed. And isn't that really what it is all about?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Whirlwind trip to big city

Friday, I took a personal day from work - one I seldom take as most of the days I take are taking Mom to doctor or one of us being sick. But I drove to Atlanta early Friday and got to meet my dear son's girlfriend's parents. Delightful to meet and hope it is one of many times we have an opportunity to spend time together. The evening time gave us an opportunity to meet up with my friend Beth and her sister in law and we ate at a local restaurant. What an enjoyable Friday!

Early Saturday, we drove to the cathedral to hear Barbara Brown Taylor speak on the Sabbath. Lots to chew on in terms of our culture and what we have done or not done in terms of observing that sacred time. Needless to say, a bookstore was right there in the cathedral and I succumbed to temptation in a good way. Was modest in my purchases, knowing full well there will be a next time. I will share one of the books I purchased later in another post as I get a grab on what it means to me and how it will impact me spiritually.

On the way home, I could have done without a car accident, but happened it did and fenders took the brunt of the damage. Safe, I am home - not quite sure how I made it home as I was exhausted from the tension of the accident. But made it home I did.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Warms the heart and makes my day

This letter comes from a family whose mother cannot speak English. Her son in middle school writes the letters. I love getting letters from them. They warm my heart. I write back, using Google translate. I put the reply both in the translated Spanish and in English form, just to make sure that the the son can read the English so maybe the Spanish conveys what I mean.

This warms my heart. It's one reason why I teach.

By the way, there were 271 flattened Capri Suns to turn into the school. We receive cash from the company for them.