Sunday, June 13, 2010

What we sang at church today

We all know the story prompt "What we did on summer vacation" - well, this is "What we sang in church today". Many of you know we are in small church, but in that church are some folks with big hearts and voices. Today we sang as the entrance hymn "Praise my soul, the King of Heaven", which is one of my favorites, the the Episcopal church has a lovely accompaniment and descant to go along with the hymn singing. And I think our little church did quite well with it today.

However, we are not St. Paul's Cathedral in London - and this video is of the same hymn sung (albeit a different descant). We did not sing it at the same tempo as this one is sung more slowly, but for those of you who have sung in a cathedral understand that hymns usually are sung more slowly due to the nature of the large space, and to allow the sound to travel throughout the physical space.

However, without further comment, I share with you this video for your listening pleasure.


  1. I love that hymn.
    And I love all those women in hats. Sometimes I miss the days when we weren't so casual.
    I don't miss pantyhose, however. :)

  2. I love this hymn too. I don't know what was sung today. My cold was/is too heavy to subject other folks to it.

  3. It didn't show up for me for some reason. :(

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  5. What if our congregation was that big?? It sure would be different. I love this hymn too Mama.