Saturday, March 13, 2010

Taking Time to Pause

This morning was an impromptu meeting of a trio of Scrabble partners at a locally owned cafe in my hometown. The place was packed, as folks from all walks of life came in to the tiny space with minimal to no ambience. We grabbed the last table available and placed our orders. And, of course, I had fully intended to order sweet potato pancakes and changed my mind at the last minute to go with the more traditional breakfast fare.

Our conversation bounced from Scrabble to retreats to travel to family. We had one hour, just long enough to want more to talk of this and that.

I glanced over and saw a woman sitting by herself. Hmmm. I know this face. Well known in the community and even nationally for her work on Prairie Home Companion and for her latest works with Macrina Wiederkehr. Oh my, I know her, but she does not know me. Since she was by herself, I was timid. What if she wanted peace and quiet? What if she did not want to be disturbed? But what if I never had the opportunity again?

Two more came to sit with her, perhaps a friend and their child. We were getting ready to leave and I got up the gumption to go over to see her. You see, she sings to me every night, and wakes me in the morning. How can I not go talk to her? I introduce myself and tell her how much I like her CD. I even get bold enough to ask her if her "singing circle groups" were still happening. Well, yes, there would be some this summer and fall perhaps.

It was a time to be with good friends, and looking forward to future possibilities.

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  1. I'm so glad you spoke to her!! :)

    You are a life-changer and your touch needs to be felt wherever you go!