Monday, March 29, 2010

Book #7 - Hiding in the Spotlight

Hiding in the Spotlight: A Musical Prodigy's Story of Survival, 1941-1946 by Greg Dawson is a fascinating account of two Ukrainian sisters who are child prodigies in piano. During World War II, they were captured by the Nazis, and escaped. Changing their identities, they survived the Holocaust by entertaining the Nazis, who did not realize they were Jewish. After the war, they came to America and their story continues where their talent as pianists are realized.

The author, Greg Dawson, son of one of the girls, wrote the book and traveled to the Ukraine to visit the places his mother and aunt had lived, gone to school, and other places of note in the book. A video shares the story here:

This is probably the most enjoyable book I have read in sometime.  Now I want to go listen to all of the music they mention in the book.

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