Monday, March 22, 2010

New life

I was just thinking about changing out my winter plants of ornamental cabbage, violas and pansies. Towards the month of April, pansies start showing signs of "I can't stand the heat any longer"  and the ornamental cabbage is starting to look spindly. As I was walking around my planter, I spotted this small hole. A nest.  Seems as though someone has taking up  an decided that this might be a good place to raise some young. Guess the plants will stay a bit longer now.


  1. Oh how wonderful!! And at Camera Eye Level too!

  2. Great photo. I'm jealous though that you have the option of "changing plants." Our snow piles are almost gone, due to the unseasonably warm weather we've had, but the crocus haven't bloomed yet, and the daffodil/tulip bulbs are just sending their shoots peeking up through the ground. Pussy willows are in bloom, though.

  3. You always get a birds nest in your flowers. how nice!