Sunday, March 21, 2010

In Church by Tchaikovsky & Go to Dark Gethsemane - Sunday Music

As I was looking for music for this Sunday, I looked through the hymns for this Sunday, and as I searched through Youtube, it will take you to one hymn and you find a plethora of choices, some quite good, some very homemade and rough around the edges. And once you find and listen, you then have further recommendations to "try me", "listen to this one", and so it's like traveling from town to town, and you end up no where from where you started. And this is how I ended up with this one. This was posted just last week and so only a few have viewed it, so it doesn't rank way up there to view as many do,

So perseverance sometimes pays off, and i happened upon this one. I looks like it was intended for public viewing on a public access channel of a local cable system. It's quite nicely done for a homegrown production. The art that fades in while the pianist is playing certainly enhances it, with one of the selections being the 6th century icon shown in this post.

It's a meditative video, one to enjoy with a definite Lenten feel to it.

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