Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sacred Space

I would like to create a sacred space in my home, where we (or I) can go to meditate, pray, find quiet, etc. I googled sacred space in the home (or something like that) to see some images and there were some there, some conventionally Christian, others eclectic, while others did not appear to be what I would think of as a sacred space, but that's ok.
I have an icon that my son brought to me from a trip to Poland. I treasure that, and I know that will be a piece of my space. But I ask my readers of this post. What do you have as part of your sacred space? Or, if you were to create one of your own, what would be a part of it? Where do you have it? or where WOULD you have it?


  1. On top of a short cabinet I have lots of candles, some rocks I have picked up various places, a cross my son made for me when he was a kid with a feather fellow clergy women and I picked up at the end of CREDO. It's in my study, where I have many icons, etc. hanging on the wall. It faces south, and when the sun is shining, like today, it is a lovely, peaceful place.

  2. What a good question to think about! I just read a bit in "Earthen Vessels" by a Benedictine hermit about creating prayer spaces.

    My prayer space is in an alcove in my study. Cushion on the floor, candles, a beautiful mosaic in golds and blue and cross on the wall. Prayer books and journals. Maybe I'll try to take a photo?!

  3. I have a comfortable chair by the window, with small tables on either side and a hassock. It seems like a fortress or island when I am in it. It is in a room that no one uses but me (unless they want to let the dogs out or go out to the side yard to use the hot tub). It also has 2 doorways but only one door. So not entirely private, but entirely mine. Ken excuses himself if he comes through, which I appreciate, and I am not disturbed.

    I'll do a photo too.

  4. I have a niche in my office that has a candle, a good light, my Bible, BCP, book of meditations on the daily lectionary, rosary, and journels. However, am going to move it as this room has no doors. Scott is very good about not disturbing me but I prefer to pray aloud often and it is not private. Furthermore, the dogs do NOT respect my time there. Eventually I will get it moved to our guest room so I can shut the door!