Monday, March 15, 2010

Dream - Music from the past

It's no secret that music plays a big role in my life. It's an aspect of each and every day of my life, whether it be work, play, relaxation, worship, and at the close of the day. Sure, there are types of music that I would prefer not to listen to, but I think I have a broad range of music I love, from across the centuries and from different cultures.

On public television, the music from the Big Band era was featured. It was from the era that my parents were growing up and through their young adult life. Then, as the the years progressed, music transformed and the music of when I was growing up and throughout my adult life has continued to change as it has become the music of the youth of today.

We all become nostalgic when we hear the music of when we were young. I can remember listening to certain music on the Channel Master transistor radio that I had. I can remember listening to some of the music as I sat on the curb of the neighborhood with friends. I can remember listening to some when I had my radio underneath my pillow at night while I listened to radio stations from far away, as AM stations could be reached from long distances in the night time, including the Spanish stations. Was it Tampa? Cuba? I was close enough to the Gulf of Mexico that it could have been from numerous locations as the radio waves bounced around.

Television had the Lawrence Welk show, which we watched on Saturday nights and danced and sang the songs of my parents and more contemporary music, but always played with the orchestral flavoring of the music of my parent's time. Ed Sullivan brought in the music that changed it all for our day,  The Beatles were the music of the 60s and brought in the music of a new generation.

As the generation of my parents have aged and passed away, the music of their life is heard less frequently it seems. The music of their lives were affected by The Great Depression and World War II. It was a music to lift spirits, to pine for those who were away at war, and for those who were returning. The harmonies were lush, the voices smooth as velvet. One never had to worry about the content of the music.

I love the music of my parents' generation. Below is music from the early 50s, when I was a glimmer in my parents' eyes.

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