Saturday, March 27, 2010

Azaleas, Azaleas, wherefore art thou azaleas?

The violas, or Johnny jump ups as I like to call them, are in my planters by my door. They have been there all winter, along with the ornamental cabbage and pansies. They have been a joy to see when I leave for work and arrive home. Steadfastly, they have offered the little bit of color during this unusually cold winter. Now the cabbage have put forth their flowering bloom that indicate they are ending their show, and some of the pansies are just beginning to look a bit tired. It won't be long before they, too, will let me know, this is it, I'm tired, put me to rest.

It's the end of March and the dogwood have begun to bloom, a little late, but they are doing their best to show forth through their tardiness. I have seen a few azaleas, but no where near where we should be this time of year. We should be having a flower show with those flowers which are the biggest show offs around here in their range of color from dark reds to white in all sizes.  I'm not sure what's going on, but its put my internal clock off kilter for what is supposed to happen in spring.

Azaleas, azaleas, wherefore art thou, azaleas?

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  1. that's a pretty picture mama. azalea's are now blooming in valdosta.
    love u