Monday, April 12, 2010

Returning to Reality

I should have had my running shoes on today, because I never do think I caught up with myself until the evening.

It was the first day after Spring Break and any thoughts of being rested were soon given a reality check that my work is not done for the year. I knew that. I even said it before going to work. However, I never expected to go like gangbusters quite like I did today. I started the morning testing a student for end of year testing, received phone calls for students who may be eligible for our program, tested another student, attempted to write an IEP from scratch - not successful for a variety of reasons beyond my control, but I will get that done this week. Then had an IEP meeting which required an interpretere, which always requires extra time.

I had scheduled one more to test for end of year testing, but knew I would not get to do that. So had to cancel. More phone calls for a variety of situations.

A long day, a productive day, and I hope that it will not be this way everyday until the last day of school. Pray that I can feel some sort of sense of peace and calm during this time. It's feeling harried.

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