Thursday, April 22, 2010

Book #12 - Charlotte's Web

It's about time I read this book. It was voted the number one children's chapter book from the School Library Journal's web site.  And I can see why it was rated number 1. It's a delightful book on friendship and devotion and loyalty and more. E. B. White's classic book Charlotte's Web is deserving of being at the top.

I just wonder how I missed it through childhood and here I am at age 54 completing it. One never grows too old for wonderful books like this.

I vowed to read at least 10 more books on the list to add to my paltry 12 I am SURE I have read. There were others that I wasn't positive I read, so excluded them in my total. I was greatly humbled by my friend Deb, who had read 88. 
So.... one down, nine to go - but who knows, I might go for more!

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