Thursday, April 15, 2010

A little of this, a little of that.

Well, the 15th of April was eventful in that we filed tax extensions. So there.

I tested students this morning. Young children ages 3-5 are sometimes cooperative, and sometimes not. Mostly not, when it comes to evaluations. Hit and miss.

Trying to organize and pull together the last part of the school year's obligations, namely the IEPs for students in my program. Can I mention that causes the bulk of my anxiety this time of year? It's the combination of having a classroom AND trying to develop educational plans for the upcoming school year that makes me snippy right now.

A new student came into our classroom at this time of the school year. A little unusual to be coming this late, but thought it was best. I think we made the right decision. Sometimes the gut and heart rule!

My Itunes shuffle is playing Rock a Bye Baby - so I think that is a nudge to say good night to all. 

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