Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's just a Night

For about 24 hours I am going on a small little vacation. Me. with friends.

Tell Mom I am going overnight or a get away?
Mom: How come I didn't know this sooner?
Me: Well, I made the reservations yesterday, I wasn't exactly positively sure.
Mom: Where are you going?
Me: to a place where there is sand and the name of the beach which sounds like a country south of the border.
Mom: Oh. Fake cry.
Me: I know.. it'll be ok. My better half will be here.

Conversation 2:
Mom: Will you let me know when you will leave?
Me: Yes I will.
Mom: Where will you be staying?
Me: At the motel that sounds like some political leader should own it.
Mom: Oh, do you like staying in hotels/motels?
Me: They're ok.
Mom: How come I didn't know sooner?
Me: It's ok Mom. I'll be back tomorrow.

Mom's meds: check
Mom's food for lunch prepared: check
Mom's supplies of the unmentionables for which we have in abundance at the moment: check
Instructions for better half: soon to be typed up and mailed.

Packed check
Mentally ready - sort of check
Meds: check

food: check
water: check

Hoping for a drinky poo with an umbrella in it by the pool... double check. Just one drink with a double check.

Sometimes preparing for the trip takes more out of you and you wonder if it is worth it. See you on the backside. . . .

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  1. Make it two drinks and it's worth it. promise.