Monday, April 19, 2010

The icon has found its home

Two of my children went across the big pond in March and I requested they return with a religious icon. It's interesting with today's technology that when they were on that particular quest, I received photos of "do you like this one or this one"? sort of thing. We narrowed down via email which one I would like. Well, two came home.

One made its way to church. It was Holy Week when it finally arrived to its destination. Placed as you enter the church, on your right, it hangs with a shelf underneath it. This is no ordinary shelf, as it was crafted by the loving hands of one of our parishioners for this purpose. He also created the wooden bowls on the shelf. Between the two bowls is a blue bowl created by a local potter.  It will be filled with holy water for those who might want to cross themselves as they enter or exit the church.

To God's glory, may this icon be a window to God in prayer and meditation.


  1. When we went to Greece last summer we spent some time in a studio where icons are painted. It was fascinating to watch the creative process. I purchased a small one for my sister, and wish I had gotten one for myself. What beautiful gifts for the church --- the shelf, the bowls, and the icon.