Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Almost, but not

I came home this afternoon and called Mom (even though we live on the same property), and see how her day went and talked about supper. She kept on and on, like something was on her mind and she was beating around the bush.

She finally got around to it. She was feeling sorry for herself because no one wished her a happy birthday.

Her birthday is in two weeks. She was certain it was September 1.

It will be here soon, Mom.

I love you.


  1. Hugs Cathy. You are a wonderful, wonderful daughter!

    And isn't your mom so precious that she can trust you with her pity party.... oh I hope my girls will be so patient with me!!

    God bless you all!


  2. She sounds like an absolute dream of a mom, from all you write. I am so happy she gets to spend her twilight years with you.

  3. What a beautiful daughter you are.
    Happy early birthday to your mom. (We share the same day!)