Monday, August 9, 2010

Our School is Filled with Loss of a Teacher - Death Comes Too Soon

Today, our school system lost a teacher in a car accident. It happened on the way to work. I did not know her, but know the people who work with her and know her.  Today, hearts are aching in ways that affect the core of our very being.

We were notified by our superintendent of the loss through email. He is new to our system so we are learning about him as he is us. However, his sincerity and caring came through that letter in a way which offered me comfort in knowing he is our leader.

I had the opportunity to talk to a friend this evening who saw the care and love that was shared that day while the family, students and faculty were in shock. I cannot imagine the numbness and tears that flowed that day. But in all of the tragedy, there were people, suffering through their own grief, offering others solace. Holding each other up to make it through the day, making sure the children's needs were attended to, that the school day could continue, offering comfort and security to children and adults.

We don't know why tragedies occur like this. A mother, teacher, and friend to others was taken away too soon and so suddenly. But God's grace was present today in the love that was offered comfort to the distraught. In school. Acts of kindness, prayers of silence, prayers that were spoken, and prayers which have no words, but are prayers of action. We can try all we want to to set boundaries as to where prayer can and can't occur, but God's presence knows no boundaries and the love flowed today for the school and those who loved Nancy so very much.

Praying for the repose of the soul of Nancy. Praying for her family, her students, both present and past, and for her coworkers and friends who have lost someone who made a difference in the world. She will be dearly missed She has entered into the Church Triumphant and light will perpetually shine upon her.

I offer this music that offers me peace and comfort. May those who are mourning the loss of Nancy feel comfort in these beautiful words to beautiful music.