Sunday, February 13, 2011

Visit with Mom

Here is a Saturday visit with Mom. It was early afternoon and she had not gotten up and dressed yet, but we finally got there. A very special friend, almost 5 years old came to visit with her Mimi, so it was a special afternoon. We strolled around the nursing home to just see what we could see and get out of the room, but before long, Mom was ready to get back.

Mom has about 5 or 6 questions she asks over and over and our conversation stays along those lines. A friend shared some wisdom with me this morning at church - -- remember you are entering her world, not yours. Better truth could not be spoken.

I know Mom will have some visitors, so I will leave a book there for them to sign so we know they were there. She remembers she has visitors, but can't remember who they are. I feel like that might help in some ways for me to know. I am so new to this, so am learning the ropes from those who are wiser than me and have been there.

Love overflowed at church today for those of you who read this blog and may have been there. You know who you are and thank you.  It's a new chapter in our book.


  1. Sending you all lots of love.

    And taking notes.

  2. I think the book is a brilliant idea, Cathy, and please know that prayers are arising for you and for your mother.

    Peace be with you.