Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pentecost Sunday

The Great Fifty Days has now culminated and we celebrate the birthday of the Church - church communities who observe this feast will see LOTS of red today, whether by what we wear to the celebratory decorations that adorn the church.

"Come Down, O Love Divine" (hymn tune "Down Ampney" by Ralph Vaughn Williams), is the featured hymn in this video. And as if the hymn was not beautiful enough in and of itself, images of the Holy Spirit are featured throughout the hymn.  About half way through the video, the hymn ends and the "credits' begin, as the images are all credited at to their origin, accompanied by piano, with the hymn "Be Still, My Soul".

What hymns did you sing today or what music did you hear that spoke to you? What images did you see today that brought the Holy Spirit into you? Where did you celebrate and worship today?

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  1. I went to church at Houston's Christ Church Cathedral with my sister, BIL and niece. Niece is on vestry there. There was much red worn...choir anthems were glorious: a Jacobus Gallus motet, a Thomas Tallis motet. Service music was from Missa Brevis by Simon Preston, b. 1938. Not my favorite! :)