Thursday, January 5, 2012


Today was a day where the loss of Mom has really set. I am grateful for the weeks I have had off for Christmas, but am still feeling quite exhausted, wanting to sleep. Tomorrow work begins again, and am hoping getting into the routine of a schedule will help.

The sympathy cards have been of help, and has allowed the tears to flow (wet prayers).

I am thankful for the spontaneous gathering of friends for supper, even though I didn't feel like good company. They were good company for me.

Even though I knew it was time for Mom to go, I still really really miss her. A lot.


  1. And, you will always miss her...she's been a part of your entire life. My prayers for you include rest (not just sleep, but the restful kind), a lessening of the pain, memories of love and laughter, and that you remember to take care of yourself and your own grief in the midst of taking care of others and their grief. Love you, my friend!