Thursday, January 26, 2012

Light of my life pictured here

It's been almost a month since Mom's passing. Funny how life goes on - no real pauses outwardly, but I feel the pause inside of me - as in a regrouping, trying to figure out where all is arranged now.  I have taken my knitting as a way of finding time to think with the rhythm of the needles as the single strand of yarn becomes connected into a solid piece of work.

Lots of touching lately - by fellow workers, friends, and acquaintances, letting me know their thoughts are with me. Sometimes nothing is said, and that is ok.

Here is a highlight of this month - brightens my heart. He's three months old now. 
I have no idea why this scarf picture is sideways - it is not in my photo editing program.  Anyway, it's a cashmere scarf made from Yarn Harlot's Reversible Scarf Pattern.  Pretend you are looking at it in the right direction.

Working on a sweater and it is getting to the point where if I take a picture of it you might recognize it as such. Stay tuned.


  1. Cathy, as I have just met you, I did not know about your mother's passing. My prayers for you and all who loved her; may you be enfolded in peace and consolation from God, and may her memory always be a blessing.

    And that little cutie in the photo, wow! He is adorable.

    Peace and good to you.

  2. Oh, Cathy. I'm not keeping up with BB news very well. Sorry to hear abut your Mom. A brave and lovely woman. I remember her well and will cherish those memories as I know you will.
    How wonderful that life goes on. Your new one is beautiful, or, rather, very handsome.

  3. Both your knitting and your grandboy are such uplifting parts of your life! I love seeing pictures of Wyatt and of your creations!