Sunday, January 17, 2010

Beginnings Again

I have started several blogs, but I feel the need to begin this one and fill in the gaps which I sometimes have not blogged about before now. There are no real secrets, but I have hesitated to blog before as concerns for people I love and care for.

Right now I am in the middle part of my life, in between because I am mom, wife, and caregiver for my eighty year old mother. But there is much more to me which seeps out between those parts. I am journeying through my faith as a Christian whose tradition is rooted in the Episcopal Church. I am a teacher in public schools, in which I am in my 21st year of being in the classroom. I am a friend to those who are very very dear to me, as well as a friend to others -- some of them in their infancy with me and some who go back to my childhood.

I will try to be as transparent in this blog as I can so one might can view my musings about life and see parts of my life that are sweet, as well as the ones that are doses of medicine which might not taste as good.

So, I plant myself here for a bit - I'll share this and that as they come about in my thoughts or need to be shared so others may shed light or walk the path with me.

And here I begin.....

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