Tuesday, December 7, 2010

And life continues.....

Today I was to return to work. After my doctor's appointment,  I was to spend a half of a day trying to collect and get back on track. However, after talking to the doctor, and looking at all that has transpired, he highly recommended for me to stay out another week. A bit disappointed, a bit relieved as I am still wrapping my brain on the course of events over the past week.

It's cold here, as it did not reach 50 here today and for us that is cold. With a jacket and my too big knitted hat, I took a walk on our community cushioned track. It measures a little over a 1/2 mile around and was empty of walkers. The wind was kicking up a little and I realized that I should have had a scarf with me too, but we southerners are not always the best prepared for cold weather. I took my hat down and pulled it down so I probably appeared faceless, protecting my face from the elements, as well as narrowing my view to the steps I was taking. I'm sure I was a sight.  But with that limited view, it gave me time just to think, to pray, and to be, with no distractions from the world. An occasional leaf would cross my path to draw me to the foliage around me.

This past week has given me an opportunity to feel the love of those around me and support me, but there is also the sense of a part of it only I can experience. I am not unique in this situation, as anyone who has something occur whose outcome could have been much more serious and could have been where I did not have a second chance. All the support from the world can be there, but it has to come from within - the change that will make a difference.

So now I wait... actively wait.... and actually this is a perfect time for this as Advent season is here. I am trying my best to prepare for the road ahead, to give thoughtfulness and mindfulness to not only what is going on inside with my health, but also in preparing and paving the way for how Advent prepares us for the arrival of the Christ child. New life. Hope. Peace.


  1. Cathy, I am praying for you dear one. Wish I could have taken the walk with you. So I send you my love, hugs and prayers.

  2. This is your time for you - take care of yourself so the rest of us can enjoy your company and insights and beauty (inside and out) for many years to come.


  3. I thank God every time I think of you.

  4. Your Dec. 1 post was beautifully written and a solid message for us all. Thank you.