Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday chaos and musings

It's late in the evening, and all is quiet in the house. So quiet, that I am hearing the sound of silence. It's interesting that silence stil has sound to it. After a day of organized chaos (and some of it unorganized chaos, from the mere nature of my job), I relish the quiet at the end of the day.

The afternoon after school was a bit frantic with errands to run. One of those was to get a pedicure, a gift certicate from Christmas, which expired today. Just before walking into the door, I saw a woman walk into the salon with four children. Just trying to think how a person could get their nails done with that many children with them was beyond my knowledge. However, I did get to see some friends I had not seen in ages and caught up on news of this and that. 

Picked up a few groceries and by that time, I realized it was nearly 7 o'clock!!! Dropped off supper for Mom, and ran over to a good friend's house for pizza and a movie. Conversation around the table was fun and was a time to catch up with friends. Though the intent was to watch the movie, it never really happened.  The friendship conversation was much more rewarding. And, by ten o'clock, this girl was ready to turn into a pumpkin.

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